Our All American Power Cord Cover Story...

after all american power cord coverWe’ve used power cord covers for several years. They don’t last very long, rarely more than 2 years and they fade within months even in Ohio! This Christmas I asked our kids for a replacement.

On Christmas day our son apologized after we opened the present. He said he looked and looked but, the only one he found, had horrible reviews and, yes, it was the same one we have. He didn’t want to buy it, but said there were no other alternative products. It occurred to me that I could do better. We designed a high quality American made product with the best quality marine grade components that matches my boats’ canvas!

10 year warranty, Sunbrella fabric that doesn’t fade or run, Teflon thread that never rots or degrades and industrial strength Velcro for easy installation.

Why All American Power Cord Cover?

  • 100% American made materials and labor
  • Genuine Sunbrella Marine Fabric 10 year warranty (UV & fade proof)
  • 10 year warranty on product
  • Color fast won’t fade or mark decks
  • Matches boats’ top and side fabric colors
  • Easy industrial grade Velcro installation
  • Thread is Teflon (will never rot or fail) costs 180 times as much as Polyester thread that degrades in sunlight
  • Easily holds: 2- 30 AMP power cords, water hose, and TV cable from a 1 inch rail
  • Safely keeps cords up off the deck for easy cleaning and no more tripping over cords laying on the side deck
  • No more discolored gummy power cords
  • We do custom orders for both smaller crafts and mega-yachts!



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